Houston, Texas

About Me

About Me

Who I Am

I am Charles Lubbat from Houston, Texas.

I’m a front-end developer and digital marketer. I love working with startups and enjoy the challenge of learning new things. When I’m not working (which isn’t often), you’ll find me on the court shooting hoops. I’m most proud of my 3 precious daughters and my beautiful wife.

What I love to do

I love being outdoors, playing with my girls, watching movies, laughing with my friends, reading history books, and traveling.

My Experience

I’m a law school graduate and I currently have over seven years of marketing/design experience under my belt. I have the discipline, skills, creativity, and most importantly, the passion required to create beautiful and functional user experiences on the web.


Custom, professional designs that are pixel perfect

Create social media profiles that are consistent with your brand
Creative designs that will get your business noticed on the web
Identify opportunities and implement strategies to strengthen your brands voice